Person with a police record

For many Australian employers, knowing the character of an applicant is an important factor in deciding whether to hire them. Pre-employment background checks are an increasingly important way for employers to understand more about potential employees other than information gleaned from a CV and interview.

To perform a pre-employment background check on applicants, one of the things that employers can do is to seek assistance from any accredited Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) agencies. Nowadays, they can simply file an online application to search the national police database and check for any criminal record. Here are the other benefits of pre-employment background check:

Identity Check

Is your applicant using a false identity? Did they leave any incriminating information when they filled the application form? Is there anything in their closet which could affect their performance should they be chosen for the job? If applicants know that employers are checking they have the necessary requirements, such as certifications or licenses needed for the job, fakers tend to withdraw their application.

Reduce Employee Turnover

Poor hires increase the incidence of employee turnover. A pre-employment background check keeps employers from hiring bad eggs, such as repeat offenders of job negligence and low productivity, attendance issues, a criminal record, or even attitude problems from previous employment. Why spend months of training, not to mention sharing company trade secrets to people who won’t stay around?

Other HR Tasks

A healthy business is the end-result of effective and efficient employees. Remember, even one unhappy employee could threaten the morale of the business. Identifying new candidates and conducting interviews due to a previous bad match takes up time the human resources team could have better spent on employee’s welfare and development.

Maintaining the morale and stability of your firm must go hand-in-hand. By partnering with a credible agency to perform a pre-employment background check, you are protecting the future of your business.