Psychotherapy Behavioral HealthPsychiatrists provide support for those struggling with their mental health concerns. Many people are starting to see the benefits of seeing a psychiatrist and how it is important to know the different types of therapy they can offer patients. The psychiatrists at the Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health in Westport, CT explain three most common types of therapy people explore.


Counselling lets patients explore the social and emotional functions they use in their lifetime.  Usually, people who underwent major life changes need some counselling to help them sort their feelings. Examples of major life changes include: the death of a loved one, moving to a new place, a breakup, job loss and other similar incidents.  The sessions sometimes last from 6 to 12 sessions.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Known as CBT for short, this therapy allows patients to change how they think and feel to change their behavior towards it. It entails a more scientific way of dealing with emotions. The psychiatrist changes the way your mindset works so you can handle emotions in a better way.  It gives you a better understanding of your emotions so you can be better equipped to handle stress. Some of the behaviors that may be changed by CBT include anger management, depression, anxiety, panic attacks or psychosis.


This therapy lets patients go back to old events in the attempt to figure out how it has affected them today. It allows them to understand better how they reached their current situation.

Creative Therapy

People with mental health problems can benefit from creative therapy such as art and drama.  Many teenagers find solace in expressing their emotions through these types of treatment. They can express themselves freely and come up with creative outputs.  Creative therapy also involves socialization, so this can also help depressed individuals.
All in all, there is no one solution for every individual.  It can be a combination of these therapies. Combined with medication, a mental disorder is something that can be managed.