Plastic Poly BagsHave you ever found yourself cleaning your room and wanting to store your memories and other items in a bag? You search for one but only find either smaller ones than your desired size or larger than you expected. You’d continue looking only to find the perfect one to already have a hole in it, deeming it unusable.

Once you go to the grocer, you often stock up on things that you’d be using for a while. You’d be grabbing different sizes of poly bags to use at home, but you’d still find the reality that perhaps you actually needed smaller ones or much larger ones. This is where a custom poly bag is useful.

The Sorting Bag

Custom poly bags make the sorting game faster. You may have one made for different items. By having poly bags custom-made, you’ll be able to find much more flexible uses for them. You can have one made for storing wires, or air-tight ones to protect your item from dust, a sandwich bag for baguettes and croissants… You can store your jewelry in a lock-tight poly bag that has the accent of your favorite color, or segregate your rubbish by color instead of labels with complicated words! The lists of benefits are endless!


Then you start to worry… “Am I protecting my environment?” The answer is… Yes! Poly bags are easily reusable provided that they are cared for and used correctly. In case that the bag breaks and become unusable, most grocers accept recycling of used poly bags. Because of the flexible composition of poly bags, it could be broken and recreated again for other uses.

With the current availability of different types, they could even be made more durable than they originally were once they have been recycled into a new one. Contrary to the belief that poly bags are harmful, they actually have more usages than one can imagine.