Woman Sleeping Soundly Sleep is essential; we all know that. Without proper sleep, we become cranky, less productive, and prone to illnesses. Sleep is just as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet, which is why it is important to constantly seek ways to improve our quality of sleep. Here are three ways to sleep better at night:

Reduce Light Exposure in the Evening

Exposure to light during the day is beneficial, but too much of it at night will only give you a hard time sleeping. Too much light in the evening tricks your circadian rhythm into thinking it’s still daytime, reducing melatonin or the hormone that helps you relax and sleep. Prevent this by dimming the lights and turning off devices such as smartphones, laptops, and TVs at least an hour before bedtime. Doing this allows you to calm down and produce more melatonin for your body.

Make Your Sleeping Area Comfortable

Comfort plays a major role in the quality of your sleep. If you find your bed too firm or your sheets too itchy, it is ideal to purchase beddings that can give you better sleep. Avoid back aches by using a mattress that adjusts according to your sleeping position. Pillows and bed sheets should be soft and silky for a smoother touch on the skin. Cozy Earth recommends using high-quality beddings such as king size bamboo sheet sets, which also come in different designs. You can also light aromatic candles for a more relaxing mood at night.

Balance Meals and Liquid Intake

Late-night eating and too much liquid intake can affect the quality of your sleep. Apart from hindering the natural release of growth hormones and melatonin, consuming heavy meals before sleeping can cause indigestion. Too much liquid intake, on the other hand, results in nocturia or excessive urination at night, which eventually results in poorer quality of sleep. Prevent this by consuming mostly dairy and carbohydrates at least four hours before bedtime.

Getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep daily can improve your mood and boost your creativity. Get a good night’s sleep by paying attention to what you eat, investing in comfort, and reducing nighttime activity.