An AlcoholicOne of the best ways to conquer addiction is by knowing how and why it happens. Many people fall into the habit simply because of curiosity or peer pressure, so they don't know what kept them there or how to get out. For you to achieve drug addiction recovery in Salt Lake City, it's best to know what you're dealing with. The experts at Renaissance Ranch Outpatient talk about three of the most addicting substances below.


This drug ranks as one of the most dangerous and problematic drugs to deal with because of the ease you can obtain it on the streets. The drug is also cheaper than others, but if you consume five times more than what gets you high, the substance can lead to death. When getting treatment for addiction to heroin, many patients experience severe withdrawal symptoms and have difficulty fighting the strong cravings for the drug. Thus, treating heroin addiction requires a typical combination of medication and therapy to curb the symptoms.


Many know this drug as "crack," and rocks are the purest form of cocaine available today. Using this drug increases dopamine levels in the brain, stimulating the mind and providing intense pleasure for approximately ten minutes. Because of those sensations, many people crave the drug after a single use.


Drinking alcohol is not just socially acceptable, it is also legal. But drinking too much of it doesn't just mean you could be an alcoholic. You can also become addicted to the substance. If you're drunk for long periods of time, feel guilty after drinking, or if you're experiencing blackouts when you get drunk, you might be dependent on the substance already.

Other than addiction, consuming these substances, especially for prolonged periods, can cause a myriad of health problems. If you're aiming for recovery from your addiction, then sign up for a program so they can help you achieve your goals.