Poultry in Takanini, NZFarming can be easy if done right and complex when you ignore simple details such as correct feeding. For your chickens to thrive and become productive, you need to feed them properly. So how do you choose the right feed for your chicken?

Consider the growth stage of the birds

Chicks, intermediate and grown chicken have varied feeding requirements. When the birds are hatched, they need to feed on foods that help them grow strong. Chicks and intermediate birds require different ratios of proteins until they reach the egg-laying or meat-selling stages. Consider the ratio and composition of the feeds at every stage if you want to promote proper growth. Food needs and requirements change after a few weeks.

Types of feeds

Chicken feeds are manufactured and prepared depending on the ingredients available to the manufacturer. Find manufacturers that include all the crucial ingredients for each stage of feeds. The mixing is important as well. Choose feeds where mixing ratio is clear on the bag. Find out from NZ chicken feed experts like Takanini Feeds what type of feeds are appropriate for your chicken depending on the stage.

Form of feeds

Chicken feeds come in two main forms. They are either available in mash or crumbles and pellets. Pellets are a concentrated form of feeds that are rich in nutrients. These are less wasteful when your chicken adjusts and can feed properly. Crumbles are a broken form of pellets usually given to recently hatched chicks. They may be used as starter feeds because of the 20% protein composition. It is advisable to watch where you are buying the pellets and crumbles to avoid buying filler materials.

Regardless of the kind of food you purchase, make sure that you never compromise on quality. Always consider the ingredients that the feeds contain.