An advertising graphicMaking your brand visible across different platforms is a goal that you surely want to achieve. When it comes to this, the top-of-mind media options include TV, radio, and digital. These media allow you to reach a much wider audience, but the experience is not that personal.

If you want to incorporate a more personal and experiential touch into your strategy, you may want to try on-ground marketing. This allows you to foster interaction, which may lead to product purchase since they get a first-hand experience of your products and services.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when crafting your on-ground strategy:

Explore various ad placements

When you’re directly marketing to passers-by and customers, you will realize that there are many possibilities when it comes to talking to them. Other than billboards, you may use your own shop windows, packaging, and discount coupons. If you want your ads to be mobile, Visibility Signs & Graphics and other experts say that you can always count on the ingenious use of vehicle graphics in Utah.

Do sampling

A more experiential approach to marketing would be brand activations. Through these, you allow your audience to try your new products. You can see right away their reactions to what you have to offer. This works best if you are offering food products. Other than having to sample in front of your store, you can join trade shows and fairs to broaden your customer base.

Integrate digital means

Think of integrated marketing if you want your on-ground methods to work. If you have a website, you can lead your customers to it where they can find more information about your product. When you conduct sampling, you may encourage the people who have tried your product to post it online and use your designated hashtag.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind when doing on-ground marketing. Seek the help of a reliable below-the-line agency for more advice.