Car with LED LightsWhen car owners think about upgrading their vehicles, their automotive lights are usually among the first parts they give attention to. Your car’s lights are an important safety feature, particularly when driving at night. Recently, LED light bars have become increasingly popular among vehicle owners. But why is this the case? Tow Mart lists the top four reasons:

They are efficient.

The biggest selling feature of LED lights is that they’re incredibly efficient when it comes to converting electric energy into light. Traditional halogen bulbs turn only a tiny amount of electricity into visible light, with the rest going to heat energy. But with LED, it’s the opposite, and a substantial amount power goes to illumination.

They are rugged.

The format of an LED light bar does not follow the traditional highly fragile bulb. LED bulbs are far more rugged, meaning they can withstand a lot more environmental hazards and vibrations from the vehicle. That’s why ATVs and other off-road vehicles prefer them to halogen lights.

They come in a variety of colors.

Typically, halogen lights come in the standard off-white emitting model. With LED light bars, however, you have a wide array of colors. For this reason, LED light strips are so popular when it comes to customizing vehicles.

They have a wide array of applications.

Due to their compact model and availability in so many colors, LED light strips have a variety of applications. You could opt to use them as your headlights or add them to the underside of your vehicle to illuminate the ground at night. You can also add the lights to the rims of the vehicle to add visual appeal.

There is no doubt that LED light bars are the future automotive lighting. Their efficiency, durability, and flexibility make them irresistible to car owners, and that’s something that looks set to continue.