Steel PlateA steel plate refers to a flat piece of steel. These flat sheets create other metal products such as street plates, furnaces, trench boxes, ship hulls and many more. With the increasing importance of steel in the manufacturing industry, you can buy it in some small and large steel factories.

Manufacturing companies make pure alloys of steel and they sometimes mix them with other metal products to make them more durable and lightweight.

To know more about the various uses of steel plates and why buy them, lists the top five sectors that would not operate without the use of these plates:

1. Construction. Whether it comes to building high-rise buildings, homes, offices, sports stadiums, schools, harbors, roofs or fences, steel plates are one of the primary construction materials, alongside steel beams and columns.

2. Appliance sector. From your microwave to your washing machine, they consist of stainless steel. It’s thanks to these steel-made appliances that you can now heat your food in just a few minutes and wash your clothes without straining your arms and back.

3. Energy sector. Energy infrastructures such as wind turbines, electrical components, pipelines and transmission towers generally consist of steel and steel plates. With these infrastructures built, consumers could get their most needed energy.

4. Transportation. The development of different modes of transportation, enabled man to travel far and wide. Without those malleable plates of steel, though, there will be no ships, jets, trucks, buses, cars, trains and railways.

5. Steel packaging. Steel has revolutionized the storage of goods. Compared to the traditional method of storing items in wooden crates or boxes, packaging materials made of steel protect goods even better from the elements of air, water and light.

Can you imagine steel plates being out of the system? Probably not. Engaging in any of these five industries require a huge consumption of steel, and most of them, steel plates.