Toyota Improves Road SafetyAs far as statistics show, it seems that the United States is on the right track when it comes to road safety. Official data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that 2013 saw fewer motor vehicle crashes compared to the previous years.

But as always, road safety isn’t solely about what the government does to protect drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Road safety is the result of a collective effort between the government, the public, and the carmakers. So, what do car manufacturers do to keep the statistics down?

In the case of Toyota, the company uses a twofold approach: technology and education.


The Japanese carmaker focuses on the safety technology it integrates in every model. Florida-based dealer South Dade Toyota explains that all cars from the brand have features under the company’s signature development: the Active Safety technology.

Under the hood, new models of Toyota come with features that improve traction control, vehicle stability, and braking. The company also includes pre-collision technology, a backup camera, blind spot monitors, and pedestrian safety systems for its cars.

Even in the interior, Toyota’s commitment toward road safety shows. For instance, its cars feature quality airbags and injury-reducing seats. On top of this, the engineers have designed the body of every car model to absorb impact and protect every person inside the vehicle.

What’s even better is that Toyota doesn’t stop with what it has developed. Its team of engineers continues to enhance every feature to ensure that future models do a better job in keeping both drivers and passengers safe.


As for education, Toyota has launched the Go Safely initiative, which is a series of education programs for all drivers. For the Japanese carmaker, the driver is what keeps the car safe from an accident. The company has worked with notable organizations like the AARP to gain insights on the design and execution of every program.

It is through this twofold approach that Toyota keeps roads safe. Thanks to these commendable efforts, the country continues to pave the way for safer cars, roads, and driving habits.