websitesGetting ahead in the digital realm can be a bit like rocket science sometimes. The algorithms, tools, and analyses can be a bit much for some people to handle. Fortunately, there are some aspects of the industry that are a piece of cake, or at least they should be. There are several obvious things that websites should be doing, butaren’t, and it’s hurting the effectiveness of their online presence.

Old Truths Are Still Relevant

One of the most frustrating things that SEO companies always need to remind their clients about is to stick their phone numbers at the top of the page. This is an obvious move for every other type of traditional marketing vehicle, but it eludes millions of websites in virtually every industry. Apparently, six out of ten small to medium business websites don’t do this.

SEO companies like often say that web sites have the power of making users see and do what the builders intended them to do. The number one objective of websites is to convert users into paying customers. Give potential customers as straight a shot as they can get by providing them as many avenues of contact as possible.

Not All Old Truths Are Relevant

Never, no matter how strong the temptation, use Clip Art. It looks wrong on an Elementary student’s report, and it looks terrible on a website. Using Clip Art is one of the fastest ways to look shady and unprofessional. After all, what self-respecting company with a budget to pay salaries can’t afford to invest in decent images for their website?

The best way to represent the company in digital space is to use the company itself. Take pictures of the employees, the office, or anything that can show the products and services are legitimate. Doing this will ease the minds of skeptical users regarding the validity of the website, and even sway them to contact the owners if they like what they see.

Both of these strategies are simple enough to do, and have been common practice years before the invention of the Internet. It’s true that the digital medium is completely different from anything the world has seen before. But that doesn’t mean the old tricks won’t work anymore.