Parking LotThe parking lots in Ireland can do more in the safety department. According to some statistics, roughly 80 per cent of violent crimes happen in parking lots in business establishments. In 2013, the Official Garda recorded 149 hijacking, extortion and robbery offences. This is an increase of 35 per cent from the number back in 2012.

Indeed, there is a pressing need to improve parking lot safety. This is possible through different security planning methods. Here are three basic things you can do to monitor your business security and prevent crimes from happening in your premises.

Risk Management Plans

No parking lot should operate without security plans. It can include automatic barriers, which prevents cars from speeding off the lot uninspected. Barriers can also assist security officers to monitor the vehicles going in and out. The plan should also include a roving personal schedule, installation of surveillance cameras and end-to-end checkpoint.

Adequate Lighting

Lighting can deter the motives of criminals. This is especially useful when CCTVs are around the place. Many people observe that CCTV videos tend to be too blurred and the pictures beyond recognition. While it is perhaps due to the picture quality of the CCTV, lighting can improve its efficiency. With enough visibility in the area, guard forces can easily spot any malicious actions and respond to the crime scene more confidently.

Space Layout

Too many crooks, corners and hidden alleys make a parking lot a trap for potential victims and an ideal lair for criminals. The layout should expose wide areas to the surveillance camera. Probably lesser poles and with plain sight of the opposite end of the lot, but for architectural and structural purposes, this may be too ideal. In any case, fewer obstruction is better.

Security is one service you should always provide your customers. Taking these initial three steps will help you prevent crimes, protect your employees and customers, and improve your business’s reputation.