An online marketing campaign being worked on a laptopDo not just jump on the bandwagon and use the majority of your marketing budget on digital media. Even if your audience spends a lot of time online, utilising digital marketing alone may not be the best option for your brand.

Know Your Audience

You may need to hire an agency for consumer research for this, but it will be worth it. Know how much your audience spends online, if they like being engaged online, and if they like purchasing online. This will help you strategise ways to establish customer loyalty and habits.

When you know the answers to these questions you can use a mix of digital and traditional marketing suitable for your audiences.

Traditional to Support Digital

Whether using print media, TV or radio commercials, indicate your social media accounts to drive traffic. Many companies employ this technique by putting up photo booths in their store. Customers then upload the photos and use certain hashtags.

Digital to Support Traditional

According to Yellowpages, you can also combine web-based marketing with snail mail. You can offer coupons or a free trial to get their physical address; then you can reinforce your engagement through snail mail. This is effective because 80 % of consumers respond to direct mail immediately since they are not easily distracted, unlike when they are online.

Equal Mix

TV and radio commercials trigger digital research while utilising Facebook can help increase TV advertisement viewership up to 20%. People who have their phones on hand when watching TV search products online after seeing a TV ad. Meanwhile, an initial introduction of the product on Facebook will promote viewership of the ad on TV.

An example of utilising both traditional and digital marketing is Dane Swan’s stunt for Veil, conceived by Sphere.

The stunt was aired on Seven Network’s “Saturday Night Footy”. The before and after photos exclusively appeared in The Herald Sun, which made it the most viewed story on their website. This also resulted in almost a 400% increase in Veil’s website traffic, and sales of a month’s worth in a weekend.