water damageAre you always suffering from runny nose, sore eyes, and sneezing? Do these allergic reactions go away once you get out of the house? Is there a strong, pungent, dusty odor in your home? You might not know it, but your house can be infested with molds.

Molds do not just ruin your home’s overall look and feel; they can also lower your home’s overall value, and affect your general health as well.

Signs That Your House Has Molds

Apart from visible mold growth, signs of mold infestation are mold odor and constant allergic reactions. A house frequented by water damage is also prone to mold infestations. Check for mold if your house has suffered from one or more of these conditions:

Water Leaks

Damaged roof and leaky water pipes are among the top causes of mold growth at home. Check your ceiling and walls for any water marks that indicate a leaky roof. Water leaks under your sink and inside your bathrooms also trigger mold growth. To prevent molds from growing, make sure that your water pipes and roofs are free from any leak.

High Humidity

Molds thrive best in damp, moist, and humid weather. If your house always suffers from humidity problems, chances are you are breeding molds somewhere. Install an air conditioning unit or have it fixed immediately to lower your house’s humidity and moisture level.


Has your house been flooded recently? There might be molds growing underneath your carpet or at the backside of your drywalls and wallpapers. Molds thriving inside your walls and beneath your floors are difficult to treat. As such, you may need some professional water damage repair Orem offers.

Molds should have no place at home, as it can endanger not just your home’s value, but also your family’s wellness. As soon as you discover molds, act on them immediately to prevent further damage.