Damaged Car PartsDamaged car parts affect your vehicle’s ability to efficiently consume fuel, and increases the possibility of getting into an accident. According to a report conducted by the Transport for NSW, speeding is the leading cause (40%) of road deaths in the state from 2000 to 2012. Driving fast with old and worn parts is a sure recipe for disaster.

Higher Accident Risk

According to reports, 19,422 people have died or suffered from severe injuries on Perth’s metro roads from 2003 to 2012. 52% of serious and fatal road accidents occurred at junctions. Following traffic rules, avoiding driving when fatigued, and a well-maintained vehicle reduces the possibility of fatal accidents.

Your chances of getting into an accident increase when you drive with broken or worn brakes. There are factors that cause road tragedies, including weather, road conditions and your physical state, but these are sometimes beyond your control.

The maintenance and condition of your vehicle is under your control. Always have the parts, especially the brakes and suspension, checked. The chances of losing control of your vehicle in poor road conditions or inclement weather increases with poor suspension and braking.

These maintenance can be costly, but you can always opt for used auto parts; Perth has several dealers offering good deals. Used parts are not only safe, they are also affordable. Lower your expenses and remain safe on the road when you replace damaged parts for second hand ones.

Inefficient Parts Mean Higher Fuel Consumption and Frequent Repairs

Damaged car parts not only increase the possibility of an accident, they also burn a hole in your wallet. An inefficient engine guzzles petrol faster, leading to higher energy costs. Frequent breakdowns require tow services that are expensive. Using poor condition and low quality replacements increase cost because of frequent replacement.

Cars with worn parts needs frequent repairs and maintenance, adding to your expenses.

Replacing old and worn car parts will help you save money and reduce the chances of traffic accidents and tragedies. And used parts will do just fine, as long as you buy from trusted dealers.