web designIn every design endeavour, you’re supposed to help your customers solve their dilemmas and satisfy their needs through specific and customised solutions. This is where the concept of user experience comes in. In its strictest sense, user experience or UX refers to a person’s attitude or perception toward a product or system after using it. If you still find the concept difficult to digest, just look at how Apple Inc. managed to streamline the physical and software aspects of their products; this is what has made them one of the most beloved and important brands in the world.

Putting it in the context of web design, UX simply encompasses the ease of use of the website and the harmonious interaction of your customers and the technology you’re using. Experienced professionals from SEO and web design companies recommend that you keep the following things in mind when coming up with a design plan that will enhance user experience.

Efficiency of the Website

Keep in mind that most online users have a short attention span. This means that you should bank on fast-loading websites. Otherwise, you will never get to convert a visitor into a customer. To benchmark how fast your website should load, consider the following factors: your target market’s individual or personal tasks and their processes at business levels. Each of these scenarios is a source of UX factor.

The User Interface

The user interface or UI is the way the interaction between users and the machine is structured. With regard to the subject, the UI may refer to graphics and other visual elements that prompt the user to carry out a certain task. Your takeaway here is that a good UI makes navigation easier.

Calls to Action

This may be a non-technical aspect, but it’s one part of the website that primarily converts visitors into customers. This is somehow similar to some user interface factors, except that its real purpose is to direct the visitor to completing tasks, such as signing up, subscribing, and buying. A good call to action isn’t forceful; it’s encouraging. You may work with an experienced copywriter when it comes to this.

There is more to building and designing a website than incorporating your brand colours or installing some flashy apps out of your personal favour. In every web design project, it is of utmost importance that you know who your customers are, their needs, and their expectations. When you keep all these factors in mind, you’ll likely come up with a functional website that can convert visitors into loyalists.