taking an examThe differences between taking CompTIA Security+ SYO-401 and SYO-501 exams, according to CertBlaster, lie in the use of new objectives, technologies and tools.

However, those who don’t have time to seek CompTIA certification this year should consider the SYO-501 test since the SYO-401 exam will no longer be available after 2018.

Deadline for Applicants

Examinees can still take English version of the older SYO test until July 31, while the Japanese and Portuguese versions will remain until December. If you pass the test before the scheduled expiry dates, your certification will be valid for three years after you ace the exam.

The SY0-501 test is available in English, Japanese, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese. CompTIA launched the new version to the public in late October 2017.

It has 37 objective sets compared with 33 from the SYO-401 exam. Some of the new tools covered in the test include data sanitization, steganography and command line.

Need for Cybersecurity

IT security certification is a good option for professionals who want to earn a higher salary. This would be easier to achieve due to a shortage of cybersecurity professionals in the U.S.

CyberSeek data showed that job openings between April 2017 and March 2018 reached more than 301,000 vacancies in the public and private sectors. The nationwide cybersecurity workforce comprised almost 768,100 people in the same period.

The shortage stems from a lack of qualified talents with the right skill set and credentials. Hence, aspiring cybersecurity professionals need to apply for certification and sign up for training programs to be eligible for their desired role.

The new SYO test covers new objectives that were not present in the older version, but that doesn’t mean you should take it if you have been studying for the SYO-401 exam. You will, however, need to hurry since the new version will be the remaining test by next year.