Home Security Certain parts of your home are more vulnerable to burglars than others, determining which ones will keep your property safe. Experts generally agree on the following places where you need to install security systems to deter thieves from breaking and entering.

Front Door

The front door may seem like the most unlikely place to break into, but a lot of thieves do so. If your house has a recessed doorway or features that may obscure it, it is vulnerable to burglars. Potted plants, trees, overhangs and other decorations or additions may serve as hiding places for a burglar. Remove these or place a CCTV camera by this part of your house to deter a thief.

Garage Door

Burglars can enter your home through the garage door by using the emergency release or a remote control. Controls with preset codes are particularly vulnerable because a burglar may make their own device to open your garage. Before you install the garage door, discuss with your technician on how to improve security and prevent thieves from breaking in. You have several protection options such as alarms, cameras, motion sensors and others.


If you watch movies or television shows, chances are you will see a thief break into a home through the window. Sliding windows may improve the appearance of your house, but this feature is vulnerable to break-ins as burglars can easily release the locks and just slide it open. Some thieves break the glass before unlocking the window. Install grills on the windows to improve security and deter a thief from entering.

The Side Yards

One of the ways thieves identifies potential houses to break into is if it has a back or side entrance. They can enter a home through the side yards. If your house is next to an alley, a thief may also include your property on their list.

Now that you know which parts of your house are vulnerable to thieves, think of ways to improve security and deter them from breaking in.