French cuisineWhat if you only have two days to explore a new city or country? Do not worry about missing out on an adventure of a lifetime because of time constraints. cites there are plenty of things to do within two days, whether you want to see the sights or explore the culinary delights.

Taste Testing a Country’s Cuisine

Food is a reflection of a culture, whether it is the spicy dishes of India or the artistic expression displayed in a French restaurant.

Get rid of that Lonely Planet guidebook and wander the streets to taste all sorts of food from food stalls to the high-end restaurants. If your wanderlust takes you to Bangkok, try the best food stalls to experience the usual meals that Thais love.

Get a Local Perspective

Whether you are backpacking on a $15 a day budget or splurging $150 per night in a hotel, traveling changes your perspective. Get a guide or befriend one of the locals you meet on the bus to help you get a different view of the places you will visit while in a new country.

Joining a tour has its benefits, but a local knows the ins and outs of a city. They also provide you with unfiltered insights and inside jokes about the attractions and norms. Enrich your knowledge about a country by making friends with the locals you meet during your visit.

Getting Lost Isn’t That Bad

Getting lost in a strange city is not only exciting, but enriching as well. Hide that map and explore a new place on foot or by randomly riding buses that go to different parts. The thrill of discovering something on your own is an accomplishment you will carry with you years after your adventure. It reveals both the good and bad about a city, which makes trips worthwhile.

Ticking It Off the Bucket List

Who says taking a photo at the Coliseum in Rome or the Eiffel Tower in Paris is cliché? There’s a good reason certain attractions are cliché, because they are bucket list worthy. Don’t let the snobby traveler deter you from visiting popular places that you want to see.

There are a lot of things to do and experience even in 48 hours in a new country. Try new things, get lost, wander, and taste the food to make your adventure memorable.