Guy planning for a cyber attackA cyber-attack is more likely to happen in Las Vegas than anywhere else in the U.S., according to an analysis of 55 cities.

Businesses in the city are particularly vulnerable to online threats, based on the metro area’s weak digital infrastructure and unprotected networks. Memphis, Tenn., and Charlotte, N.C., ranked behind Las Vegas.

Vulnerable Metros

The survey based its findings on analyzing six months of information about the covered cities. Las Vegas ranked high due to a Threat Index Score of 10, while Memphis and Charlotte scored 9.8. A score of 6.5 or below serves as an acceptable level of risk for a city.

Houston also ranked fourth on the list with a score above 9, which means businesses need to be more careful on how they manage their digital infrastructure such as phones with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), notes Justice IT Consulting. In Texas, the Managed Security Services (MSS) contract will be a key part of the cyber security solution or state and other public agencies.

Risk Management

The MSS contract includes risk and compliance services based on the specific IT requirements of state and local government units in Texas. Since cyber-attacks tend to focus on weak networks, agencies can test the security of their systems before criminals can attempt to exploit them.

Security monitoring and device management is another component of the contract, which includes firewall protection and end-user device management. While the contract only applies to public-sector groups, those in the private that require better cyber security should consider hiring a third-party service provider. Cost seems to be the biggest concern for most companies when implementing a cyber security plan, yet outsourcing may help in reducing the associated costs instead of forming an in-house IT department.

Cyber-attacks can no longer be ignored as threats become more complicated. Private and public sector groups need to find ways on how to mitigate risks, even if these are not entirely unavoidable. How confident are you on your city’s digital infrastructure?