Tree Stump Being Removed

When a tree is diseased, is blocking out the light or its roots are disturbing the foundations of the home, it may need felling. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong – only the desire for a makeover of the garden, perhaps because of moving homes.

Whatever the reason for hiring a yard maintenance company, if trees are to be felled then what to do with the stumps should be considered. It pays to have them removed too.

Prevent the Spread of Root Rot

Leftover tree stumps can be infected with fungal pathogens that cause the stump to rot and die. However, if there are neighbouring trees that the homeowner wishes to keep, the root rot can spread to them and cause them to become diseased or die. To protect other trees and plants, it is best to remove the entire tree including the roots.

Prevent Suckers

Nature has a fabulous way of regenerating so sometimes new shoots will grow up from a living tree stump. This is called suckering. These seedlings can be numerous and difficult to remove, so it makes sense to remove the tree stump before this happens.

Deter Insects

A rotting tree stump is a perfect home for bugs and beetles galore.

Conserve Space

For a small garden where space is at a premium, a tree stump may prevent residents from using the space as they wish. They are also a trip hazard for toddlers and young children who want to play in the garden.

For a tree stump removal service, tree pruning or maintenance of trees and vegetation, just ask your local team of friendly tree surgeons.