Modern apartment balconyThe lure of homeownership can drive people to chase rainbows in their search for the perfect home. However, while that coveted property isn’t visible on the horizon yet, rental apartments in Lansing ensure an equally comfortable place to stay. For those who are not convinced that renting has its merits, here are five reasons to go for apartment rentals:

Shared Costs

It’s a given that renting an apartment requires a lower sum than mortgage payments. But that’s not all the savings. With rentals, you don’t shoulder the maintenance cost alone. While some properties may ask for maintenance fees, it’s a shared expense among tenants, and the effort is carried out by the landlord. Some apartments may already include the fee in the rental amount. The landlord is also responsible for keeping the apartment in good shape, so he takes care of repairs for damaged parts such as leaking roofs and faded wall paint.

Access to Amenities

Apartments or other types of rental property are typically built with amenities or have easy access to such. Vertical rental developments include a pool or gym while stand-alone apartments have access to common areas, gardens, parks, and stores.


Homeowners may have to invest a significant amount to create the level of security provided by rental buildings. Rental apartments usually have 24-hour security personnel and are equipped with alarms and access control systems that monitor entry and exit points. Moreover, building staff or guards watch and record surveillance footage. Investing in a system of that scale will be costly for a single homeowner.


Renting an apartment is lower-priced compared to buying a house. Also, most units offer a compact living space that allows you to minimize your electricity bills. The extra money you save on energy costs you can use for future investments.

Short-term Commitment and Lease Flexibility

You can live in a rental unit for a short period, during which you can choose to pay monthly or in full. It gives you flexibility depending on your circumstance, unlike buying a home where you can never pay in full. If you also expect that you won’t be staying long in a place or if your work arrangement requires moving around frequently, renting an apartment would be the ideal setup.

Buying a home is always the long-term goal of any individual, but it isn’t always achievable at the moment. Living in a leased apartment provides the comfort and convenience home ownership gives, plus all these benefits you probably didn’t know.