White smileIt is the hard truth: whiter teeth result in brighter smiles.

A bright smile may be the key to success in acing an interview or getting your date to fall in love with you. Having whiter teeth improves your image; it makes you look more attractive and younger in the eyes of others.

Most people long for two shades whiter teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses bright white smiles. Three out of four dentists claim that yellowing teeth are the nation’s biggest problem when it comes to delivering brighter smiles.

While 75% of the population seeks teeth whitening treatment, others disregard the importance of whiter teeth. Some are hesitant due to the additional cost and uncertain results from the procedure. “Why bother?” they ask, “It’ll just cost money. Besides, I’ve got a perfect set of teeth that can chomp.”

Sign of positive dental health

Yellowing teeth typically indicate that you need better dental hygiene practices. According to a Battersea orthodontist, teeth discolouration signifies tartar or plaque build-up. This leads to bad breath, cavities and gum diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis.

Whiter teeth mean healthier teeth. People who do not mind wearing dentures at a younger age can disregard discolouration. However, if you wish to have stronger teeth for long, do everything to achieve a whiter set.

Improves your physical appearance

A study conducted by oral care provider, Oral B, revealed that people with whiter teeth look five years younger compared to others. It also increases your attractiveness level by 20%.

The first thing people notice is your smile. It is difficult to look attractive when your teeth take the attention because they are unsightly. Whiter teeth contribute to your overall appearance. Almost 1/3 of British men think that whiter teeth signify higher status and wealth.

Whiter teeth also help you look more credible. If your job involves socialising, yellowing teeth will give an unfavourable impression.

Improved confidence

White teeth give you the confidence to smile at people. Possessing those pearly whites empowers you and gives you a healthy, confident look. Gaining confidence is easier when you have whiter teeth.

Do not disregard the importance of whiter teeth. Say hello to whiter smiles by visiting your orthodontist today.