window filmCommercial buildings, offices, clinics, schools, houses, boats and even cars need window films for added protection. A window film is a thin, polyester coating usually applied over glass surfaces.

It serves as a barrier from wind, rain, snow and solar radiation while giving you a clear view of the outside environment. It also provides high quality performance and durability.

UV Protection

According to the National Institute of Health, UV radiation is a known human carcinogen. Studies have shown that exposure to the sun over long periods of time increases the chances of having skin cancer. In the U.S., 53% of skin cancers develop on the driver’s left side of the body.

Exposure to the sun also accelerates skin aging. Once the sun’s harmful rays hit the surface of your skin, it damages the skin’s protein fibre, elastin, which keeps the skin firm and elastic.

UV radiation is comprised of short wave UVB and long wave UVA rays. In the past, regular glass can only block the UVB rays. Fortunately, window films can block 100% of both harmful UVB and UVA rays.

Big Savings

Window films block and reflect at least 80% of the sun’s heat, allowing better air conditioning performance. Less air conditioning expenses mean tons of savings on your part. During winter, the film also provides thermal insulation, thus preserving the heat inside the house.

Less Glare

Less light transmission means less glare exposure, which reduces eye strain. Less eye strain leads to improved visibility and better performance, which can prevent driving accidents.

Enhanced Appearance and Privacy

Window films are functional—and stylish. There are many style options if you want to beautify your space. Companies offering decorative window films like say it enhances the look of your car, house or office and gives enough privacy.

Darker coloured films also hide the room’s interior from curious neighbours.

Window films offer a variety of benefits. With these, start enjoying protection from glare and harmful UV rays while getting bigger savings and improved privacy.