School UniformMost, if not all, schools in Australia have school uniforms. The uniform or dress code dictates appropriate clothes for students and also connects the students to the school. Even outside the school, when they are wearing uniforms, which usually have the school logo, people can recognise them.

Because the uniform represents the school, students wearing them also represent their school. Belonging to a good school helps develop self-esteem in a child.

That is why there are a lot of school dress manufacturers in Australia that provide the needs of different schools. When choosing a uniform design, consider the following:

Shorts and skirts

School uniforms for girls can include dresses and skirts, depending on the weather. Be aware that the skirts should be of a decent length.

School uniforms for boys can include either short or long trousers. Some schools let younger boys wear short trousers, while other schools require all boys to wear long trousers regardless of the weather.

Make sure to choose the colour of skirts, trousers and dresses properly. Most educational institutions design uniforms in line with the school colours.

No bare feet

Uniforms aim to make students look presentable. Make sure they are dressed appropriately from head to toe.

Recommend the right shoes and socks to go with their uniforms. Most uniform manufacturers provide the socks and ties to complete the student’s wardrobe.

Note that there is a different set of clothes for sports and physical activities.

No see-through clothing or bare midriff

Some schools in Australia impose strict policies on clothing, including thickness of stockings and even the size of jewellery worn with the uniform. As public and private schools adhere to these standards, it is only fitting that there are no see-through clothings that pass as uniform.

Decent uniforms should not show bare midriffs as well. Parents want conservative uniforms, so make sure to choose the right blazers and shirts.

Jackets, sweaters and caps

While school uniforms aim to make students look reputable, keep in mind their comfort. Jackets and caps may be worn during winter months. Make sure these clothes sufficiently protect the students without going against school and government guidelines on clothing.

Choose the right school uniforms to protect students from harsh weather conditions while ensuring that they look respectable.