Working on a dentureIf you have a missing permanent tooth or teeth, you’re not alone. Whether you lost some of your teeth due to extraction or an injury, replacement teeth could significantly improve the appearance of your smile, as well as your speech and eating.

Note though that the best teeth replacement option for you would probably come down to your specific case, how much you could spend, and the level of maintenance you desire. Below are standard teeth replacement options that your dentist might recommend:

Dental Implants

Since dental implants are surgically implanted or installed, they could provide a more long-term and durable solution for missing teeth, explains a top dentist in Tauranga. Dental implants could be used in combination with dentures or bridges for added support, particularly if there are multiple missing teeth.

While the entire process of implant surgery could take months to complete, many people still opt for this option since they could last for decades (provided that they’re well cared for), and look the most similar to real teeth.

Dental Bridges

There are many types of dental bridges — fixed partial, removable, and implant-supported bridges. They’re primarily bridge gaps where your missing teeth or tooth used to be. These comprise different materials such as porcelains, alloys, and gold.


If you need replacements for several teeth, dentures (also commonly known as false teeth) might be the most ideal option for you. Dentures are basically removable appliances consisting of artificial teeth that mimic the appearance of natural teeth.

Could you just let things be and do nothing about your missing teeth? Unfortunately, the density of your jawbone would decrease over time when the natural tooth is removed because of the lack of stimulation a real tooth root naturally provides.

If you decide later on to get a dental implant, you would probably have to undergo a bone graft. In addition, the adjacent teeth would move out of their natural position, destabilise them, and negatively impact your bite.

So, although some people might find it difficult or even impossible to replace a missing tooth right away — whether due to physical and financial means — it’s immensely crucial to determine a more permanent solution to a missing tooth as early on as possible.