avoid bad breathRemember that time you ate that bowl of chilli at your favourite Mexican restaurant and had to brush your teeth twice just to get the smell out of your mouth? For any foodie who loves to go around and sample many dishes, keeping their breath fresh is often a problem after indulging in delectable meals.

Halitosis can be a real turn off, but all is not lost. You can still enjoy a good day of binging on different tastes and maintain that fresh, minty breath. As PerthBreathClinic.com.au explains, it all comes down to good food choices and diligent oral care.

1. Skip the Coffee

After eating a full course meal, most food lovers end their feast with a good dessert and a cup of hot coffee. While the rich taste of coffee pairs well with sweet desserts, this can contribute to bad breath. Coffee reduces saliva production, which causes the inside of the mouth to go dry. This allows foul-smelling bacteria to thrive and make your breath smell bad.

2. Avoid the Extra Garlic Sauce

Foodies always have the inclination to add taste to every meal they try; most of them go for the good ol’ garlic sauce. While it evokes strong flavours, garlic sauce can make your breath smell as bad as a gutter. Garlic sauce also contains certain ingredients that linger in the mouth. After a meal loaded with garlic sauce, you’ll find people cringing or moving slightly away when you exhale or speak.

3. Always Bring Your Handy Dandy Floss

With all the binging, you might not notice some food particles that are lodged between your teeth. These can attract bacteria and contribute to plaque buildup, which, in turn, harbours bad breath. By bringing your tooth floss, you can remove those bits of food left on your teeth after a sumptuous meal. Drinking lots of water helps wash down the food particles on your teeth, as well.

As a foodie, you will always run that risk of falling victim to bad breath. This doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to prevent it, though — being conscious of what you eat will help you keep that stinky breath away.